5 Easy ways to up your eyeliner game

bondage eye liner


Firstly, if you don’t know about our bondage glue liners, where have you been? These two-in-one beauties save you a lot of time while giving you a level of flamboyance you've never had before. You’re really missing out on the fun, so you should go and get your hands on some asap! If you like colour and pizazz, you've come to the correct place; if not, they also come in black and clear too. Don't worry, there's always something in store for you!


With these 5 simple tips, I'm convinced your makeup look will be transformed visibly and will steal all the attention in the room. Don't be surprised if your besties start coming to you to get their makeup done sooner or later!


  1. Plan ahead!

Sometimes eyeballing things makeup looks can work, but when it comes to eyeliner, having a vision and a plan in mind, because there are more ways you could go wrong than right.


  1. Less is more

When it comes to liners, I believe that you should always start small and work your way up. It is usually easier to add liner than to remove it. It's something we've all been through! If you tend to apply your eye makeup after you've done your foundation, it might be considerably worse.


  1. Draw out your wing

Pencil liners are easily removed and, when applied lightly, are not as pigmented. I prefer to sketch my liner looks using pencil liners since they give me a clear grasp of how something would look on my eyes and is quickly removable and changeable. Don't get me wrong, you can do this with the liner itself, but using a pencil liner is the most fool proof method!


  1. Apply liner with your eyes open

I know we're all used to applying liner with our eyes shut, but you will always notice that the liner doesn’t come out as we think when we open our eyes. This is why id always recommend to keep your eyes half way open. Especially for girls with hooded eyes like me, the liner just vanishes into the crease, leaving me with a strange looking triangle.


  1. Slightly tug on your skin

We've all been warned at some point, whether it was while watching a tutorial online or by our elders, not to tug on the skin around our eyes. This skin is much more fragile, which means that continual rubbing can quickly harm it. So simply tug it slightly so that gaps aren't left on the lid while putting liner.


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