Everything you need to know about Big Daddy Brows

Please hold on to your seats! Your brow game is going to get a major makeover. The eyebrow looks you're seeing all social media isn't as hard to achieve as you thought. After the feathery brow, the newest trend is messier, bushier brows. You know how they say, 'brows are sisters, not twins?'. Thanks to this new trend, it's safe to say they don’t even need to be sisters! 

So, if you're over those defined and arched insta brows, this trend is just a brow pot away! No need to go out of your way to get your brows laminated every so often, this look can be achieved at the comfort of your own home, just with a few simple steps.

 brow pot rose


brow pot chocolate 


brow pot lemonade 



Our Big Daddy Brows comes in 3 different formulas. Our brow styling wax in chocolate, gel in zesty rose and cream in lemon. You won't even notice it's there because it's so well-formulated that it doesn't leave you feeling sticky or heavy.

The first step is to clean your natural brows with a cotton pad dipped in a water-based makeup remover, to ensure there is no oil grease or dust getting in the way of application. Now using a spoolie brush your brows upwards to separate any brows that are joined together. Start swirling your spoolie brush into the centre which would give you a generous amount. Now brush through your brows and when you do this make sure to chop and change the angle of the brows so you can achieve that bold runway ‘I woke up like this’ look. And if you're one of those people that struggle with sparce brows don’t worry, we have you covered our tinted wax formula is your new bestie, giving your brows that depth and shape all in one. And that’s it, it really is that simple. Don't worry, we've got your brows covered all day, every day!


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