Everything you need to know about pre-cut lashes.

Don't tell me you're still cutting your lashes with scissors! If you want a quick application and an easier way to customise your lash looks, consider our pre-cut segmented lashes in the style Desire. Perfectly airy and wispy and the cherry on the top is how easy they are to apply.

 desire pre cut lashes


These lashes come in 4 pre- cut segments that allow application for you to be quick and easy, while also giving you all-day grip. Pre- cut lashes can even be used on top of your strip lashes which allow you to add that extra volume where you want. The process of applying these lashes ensures that your lash band will no longer be lifting from any corner. That is the worst thing for any girl! If you're one of those gals who loves individual lashes, use these lashes to save you that extra bit of time.

 desire pre cut lashes on

There is no set rule for where each segment should be applied, this is totally up to you. You can apply all four segments or the full strip lash look or fewer segments to emphasise the outer corners of the eyes for a flared, cat eye look. Whether you're looking for length in the middle of your eyelid or even on the inner corner. Your lashes, your call!

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