Eyelash mistakes you don't know you are making?


We all make the mistake of pulling our lashes too hard when removing them from the packaging, and we think it's harmless. However, this is one of the primary reasons our lashes become damaged so readily, since it breaks up the lash fibres and damages the structure of the lash itself.
#Pulling the lashes from the packaging
The worst you could do is pulling the lashes! If you've ever done this, you've probably never considered doing it again and damaging your new lashes. Doing so will cause the lash fibres to break and the lashes to separate from the lashes, causing a domino effect on all the lashes on the band. You'll end up with an extremely terrible appearance!
#Applying glue on your natural lashes
 eyelash glue
Many of us want our false lashes to look like we've had lash extensions! Who wouldn't, right? In order to achieve this appearance, many of us damage our natural lashes by applying glue straight to them, which causes them to pull out during the removal procedure.
Applying lashes while staring down into a mirror rather than having your eyes wide open is one approach to avoid this. This improves the visibility of your eyelid and guarantees that your lashes are applied as close to your eyelid as possible rather than on your natural lashes.
Another alternative is to use our bondage eyelash glue liner, which is designed to be applied directly to the lid and is the safest option for all beginners.
#Not cutting your lashes
lash on applicators  
Lashes are usually made to cover the longest eyes. Some of us make the mistake of not cutting them, which causes them to dangle over the edges of our eyes and not adjust to our eye shape. This isn't at all flattering.
It's simple to cut and measure against your natural lashes. Lashes are normally made to be cut on the outer edge because they are smaller on the inner side, make sure you always cut from the outer corner.
#Throwing lashes away after 1 wear!
Please don’t ever do this after today. Many people especially our new gasm baddies are unaware that our lashes can be reused. You might even be able to reuse them up to 20 times. That is something you can quote me on.
Just make sure to keep your lashes in an airtight and dust free container and they’ll be good to go when you next need them.
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