Get your lashes squeaky clean for spring.

If you're one of those girls who loves their fare dose of lashes and didn't know that you can wear a pair of lashes for more than 20+ times, what are you doing? Just hang on, these few cleaning tips can extend your lash life and keep them looking fresh every time you wear them, no one will know! 

You will need

  • The lashes you want to clean
    • Tweezers
  • A spoolie brush
  • Water based makeup remover
    • Cotton pads/ Cotton buds


  1. Remove your lashes from where they are stored and place on a cotton pad
  1. Pour some oil free makeup remover over the lash until the cotton pad is fully saturated in the liquid.
  1. Let the lash soak for a few minutes


  1. Use a q tip dipped in makeup remover to stroke the lash band gently and remove the glue.
  1. Now hold the lash band in place and remove any residue/ mascara/ or glue which may be on the lashes, but remember to be gentle as tugging harshly could damage the lash.
  1. If you want extra wear, you can also use rubbing alcohol after this procedure, to make sure they're fully disinfected.
  1. To keep your baddie lashes in perfect shape, use a spoolie brush to comb out the lash hairs.


  1. It is also very important to store your lashes in a dust and dirt-free place which will not only prolong the life but reduce the cleaning


  1. And that all there is to Fresh and squeaky clean your lashes will be looking better than they ever have!


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