How to achieve the "clean” brow look with our Big Daddy Brows.

Eyebrows frame your face, and are one of the most prominent features. Changing them even slightly makes a huge difference to your overall appearance. Just as it is with false eyelashes, the suitable brow shape for every person's face is different and unique to its own.

Some people go for thinner brows, thicker brows, arched, zigzag, straight, sharp, soft, conjoined, some even no brows! It's really all about finding what best fits your face. Every set of features and face shape will suit a different style of brow. I personally prefer a full but thinner brow according to my facial features.

3 pots stacked  


 I use our Big Daddy Brows Brow Pot in Chocolate, because I like to look a bit fuller than they do naturally. So, it adds that extra tint that in need without me having to fill them in using any brow pencil or pigment. It comes in wax form making it perfect for styling your brows and stays in place for the whole day without budging, giving you the laminated look without the need to visit a salon.


What you will need:


  • Any of GasmCosmetics Big Daddy Brow Pot
  • A GasmCosmetics spoolie brush
  • A tweezer
  • Scissors




  1. First using the spoolie brush comb your brows in an upward motion, now if you see that any of your brows are too long for your brow frame, cut them cautiously (take extra care when taking scissors near your face).


  1. Clean any brow hairs from the surface of your skin so the relevant hair is more visible for the next step.


  1. With the help of a tweezer, pluck any hairs from the middle of both brows, and be extra cautious when removing hair from above and below the brow arch. Removing the wrong hairs can disrupt the shape.


  1. If you have sparser brows use a brow pencil to fill in any areas you feel need that extra coverage.


  1. Swirl your GasmCosmetics spoolie brush in to your Big Daddy brow pot, and pick up a generous amount of product.


  1. Apply this gently in an upwards stroking motion.


Once each hair is evenly coated chop and change the angle of your spoolie brush according to the brow look you desire. Ta da, and there you have it!


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