How to get that BIG DADDY BROW!

You must be living under a rock if you haven't heard of Big Daddy Brows yet, because girl this is key to the clean girl brow look.
brow lemon pot
Our Zesty lemonade brow pot is available in a cream form. When you need that feathery brow look but have naturally full brows, this is the product for you.
 brow hot choc pot
Our Chocolate brow pot comes in a wax form. For those of you who have sparser brows and wish to add definition to your look.
rose pot
Our Rose brow pot is available in gel form. If you want a laminated brow, go no further than the comfort of your own home.
It's pretty straightforward to use, you don't even need to follow the instructions if you don't want to, you could just go with what works for you. It's a totally versatile product! But here is the official way we recommend you should use it, if you're totally clueless (yes we don't judge if you're living under a rock 😂).
Just to clarify, this works for all 3 of our Big Daddy's.
1. Make sure your brows are free of any excess oil from your skin or any oil based product that may be left in your brows prior to using. Since Big Daddy Brow Pots are water based, the product won't adhere to your brows if they are oily. You can either apply water to your spoolie, or spritz your brow pot with water.
2. Then swirl your spoolie in the hole, move it around until a generous amount of product comes off onto your spoolie. This may take a while depending on if your pot is new or if you have accidentally left your pot open!🤭
3. Now press your spoolie against your brow hairs and comb your brow hairs up make sure to coat the hairs in a generous amount of product. Don't be afraid to keep adding product, because our Big Daddy's have been specially formulated to not leave any residue or white cast!
4. Shape your brow using your spoolie, and pat it down to secure the shape. It will naturally dry if you don't touch it.
5. Enjoy your new laminated brows ready in just a few steps in the comfort of your own home! 😛
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