How to pick your first lash

Welcome to the lash world, new gasm babes! Enhancing your lash game and going for lashes is a major move, but it's better to be late than never, right? And you've come to the right place to learn everything you need to know about picking the perfect first set of lashes. Thank you for trusting us with this new chapter of your journey. I'm sure you won't be disappointed, but our lashes will become your new obsession, and you'll feel empty without them.


Your mind is undoubtedly overwhelmed with questions right now, as it does anytime you rush into anything without a plan. And don't worry if there's a boatload to select from and a lot that could go wrong. We’ve got you covered with this easy guide.


The first thing which is probably already roaming your mind is how to identify what eye shape you have. This isn't hard to identify at all (here is all you need to know about identifying your eye shape), however for a first-time lash user it is better to start with less and experiment with what you think fits your eyes and what look you want to achieve. Most beginners want their lashes to be as natural as possible and they gradually ease into fuller and more customised looks as they progress in their lash journey. It is better to stay inside your comfort zone and perhaps get several pairs of other styles to experiment with. Practice always leads to improvement!





And if you're already comfortable with applying liner, our BONDAGE GLUE LINERS, which come in a variety of colours, will make lash application a breeze. Simply apply the liner as you normally would, and your lashes should be placed as close to your lash line as possible. Don't worry if you don't get it right the first time; honestly, I don't think anyone has ever got it right the first time. It all comes down to practicing and developing your own tactics along the road!




The style I would recommend are our HOURGLASS lashes which are made to enhance your natural eyelashes and are literally the perfect lashes for a beginner to get comfortable in, not too obvious and not too subtle, just right in-between.

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