How to Reuse False Eyelashes

False eyelashes give a makeup look instant drama. It's crucial to store your false lashes correctly if you want them to last as long as possible. Make sure your eyelashes are clean and completely dry before storing them. After that, keep them protected from damaging factors like sunlight, moisture, and dirt in a suitable container. You will enjoy wearing your eyelashes for many years to come by taking the time to properly clean and store them.
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1. Removing your false eyelashes from your lid.
Always use your fingers to remove false eyelashes. Never attempt to extract them with tweezers or even your fingernails. If not, you risk poking yourself in the eye. Simply gently peel off your false lashes using the fingertips of your fingers. Grab the edge of the false eyelash band beginning at the outermost part of your eyelid. Then, until the false eyelash is completely off, carefully pull at the band while moving inward towards your nose. For your second false eyelash, repeat.

2. Peel off any excess adhesive
It's possible that some of the lash adhesive will remain attached to the lash band after you remove the false lashes. Check the false eyelashes band and carefully peel off any adhesive that may still be present.
Peel away the leftover eyelash adhesive with two fingertips. When using tweezers, be careful not to accidentally grab the band and pull too forcefully, as this could harm your false eyelashes.
3. Clean the lashes
Use a cotton swab and some eye makeup remover to clean the lashes. Apply a small amount of the makeup remover to your false lashes and then wipe it along the edges of the lashes to remove any makeup that may have gotten on them, such as mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow.
4.  Let them dry completely
Lay the false eyelashes out to dry on a clean towel or piece of tissue. Never attempt to press them dry or dry them with a hair drier. Just let them air dry for as long as necessary on the cloth.

Don't let the lashes dry in direct sunshine either. They might become lighter or change form as a result of this.

Lastly, if you go easy on the mascara application, when it comes to reusing your false lashes. Applying thick and clumpy layers of mascara can not only be stubborn when removing, but can even disfigure the shape of the false eyelashes and the band when removing it.

Cheers to a happy long lash life.