How to use a pair of Gasm lashes 20 times!

You read that right, YES! 20 times. Trust me on this. I had no idea this was possible until I discovered my favourite pair of lashes and I just couldn't let them go till they were literally falling apart. It showed me how just a little bit of extra care can go a long way! There are a few easy steps you can include into your daily routine to maximise the life of your favourite falsies so you may wear them over and over again.

lash close up

To begin with, it all starts with how you remove your lashes from the packaging itself. If you're a little too harsh when doing this, you could notice that your lash loses its structure and doesn't appear like it did in the packaging after you've removed it. This is due to lashes on the band becoming loose. So, I would highly suggest instead of using tweezers here, for a much gentler approach, use your fingers instead. The biggest mistake you could make at this stage is to pull on the lashes themselves. That is the last thing you want to do! Doing this will also damage the structure of the lash so just be gentle! I know sometimes it can be a little time consuming to remove the lash, but I'd rather take a few extra minutes caring for my lashes than wasting a few extra pounds on buying some new ones!


This same tip applies when removing your lashes from your own eyelid. As we commercially just see people pulling of their lashes off at the end of a long day like it's no harm. I'm sorry but if you want your lashes to last you for a while longer, doing this will also damage the shape of the false eyelashes. Especially if you have a little extra glue on the inner and outer corners of your eye (which we all know we do, for that extra hold!). So, I would recommend to start peeling your lashes tugging the band gently from the outer corners of your eye.


We all know we all like that fluffy Kardashian look, but applying a load of mascara directly onto your false lashes will drain the life out of your lashes. This will also increase the time it takes to clean a whole new level especially if you’re a waterproof mascara lover! So, it is ideal to apply mascara onto your natural lashes before you apply your lashes.


Lashes should ideally be thoroughly cleansed after each application. Water-based cleanser is everyone's bestie when it comes to eye makeup removal. Gently remove the visible clumps of glue using your fingers, then let your lashes soak in the makeup remover solution overnight if possible, or even for a few hours. This will ensure any build-up of mascara or oils on the lash fibres are thoroughly removed and your lashes will be nearly as good as new when you need to apply them next. But before this happens make sure your lashes have been dried, I always let mine air- dry it really doesn't take that long. Last but not least make sure your lashes are stored in an airtight container so they're dirt and dust free!


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