If you hate how lashes look on you this might be why!

If you've always hated wearing lashes and hate how they look on your eye shape. How you place down your false eyelashes could totally make or break your look.
Firstly you need to study your eyes shape, because as stupid as this may sound no two eyes are identical, some people have more symmetrical eyes than others, but there is always a slight difference (from what I have noticed over the years). You might need to do more adjusting with one eye than you do the other. One eye may be a lil lazy in comparison to the other, one may be a little more cat eye shaped or angled than the other. So we need to understand that about our eyes before placing out lashes on. 
So, for instance my eyes, one is more round and less hooded, whereas the other one is more hooded and angled upwards on the outer edge. Therefore we need to apply the lashes on the rounder eye, in a more lifting and accentuating position, and on the more hooded angled eye in a more even way. This will make the differences in the eyes cancel eachother out slightly, and give the illusion of more symmetrical eyes. 
If you prefer applying mascara to your eyelashes before hand you can do so. Just to remind you that lashes come in a size which can be worn on the lengthiest eye shapes, so they should be cut down if you have smaller eyes like me. 


Firstly, you need to know whether you like you lashes to look full from the inner corner all the way to the outer edge or just on the outer half of your eye. I like to make my round eyes look a little more cat eye, and lashes really help in achieving that look. Here are some of my favourite cat eye lash styles that I love to use. Some of my favourite natural lashes I wear on a daily basis are the Velvet Faux Mink Eyelashes in GC04 from The Big 'O' and our Faux Mink lashes in the style 'Naked' from the Fooling Around collection.

Enough rambling, let's get to the point. Let's talk about false eyelash placement. Let's begin with what you're not supposed to do, which is what I have done a lot when I was a newbie with lashes. So, let's divide the lash band into sections, it has the upper side which you see when it is in a lash tray. The underside if you flip the lash upside down.
Now what we shouldn't ever do is apply the glue to the underside of the lash band. You may have noticed that if you do this your eyelash style won't be in effect and your eyes will look droopy and it won't give a lifted effect you need. Now what we need to do is apply the glue on the underside of the lash band. You need to place the lash, basically perpendicular to your actually lashes (don't worry they will adjust to your eyes thanks to gravity). What I do is place the center of the lash on the lash line first and then connect both sides to the lash line. This way you lash will be applied to the skin of root of the lashline. These little tips and tricks can really make or break your look. I'm not one who gate keeps these look saving hacks, we don't do that here at GASM ;)
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