The biggest secret about individual lashes.

With all the lashes there are in the world, you may still feel that there's something missing with your look, or it isn't just as you wanted. Individual lashes are the solution to your problem then! 

The best way to customise your look is definitely individual lashes. It's almost like magic! You can layer them on top of your strip lashes to help you add volume where you desire or totally create your own look from scratch whether that is against the rules of the lash world, it's totally up to you! If you want a fuller look, an elongated eye look or a sparser look, it just depends on the length on the individual lashes and the world is your oyster.


 pre cut lash on


The next best thing than individual lashes are pre segmented lashes which are in essence clusters of individual lashes to make your application and customisation process a tad bit easier. Just apply when and where you need. 

These can be easily added and removed as well without ruining the rest of your look.


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