This lash hack will change your life!

We're all bound to struggle with applying lashes, it's probably the most time consuming and stressful thing in my makeup routine. But, as always, I've got you covered. My life hasn't been the same since I discovered this eyelash hack. One of our gasm beauties has also created a video that describes how it works in greater detail, so be sure to check it out as well! 
What you will need:
1. A pair of lashes
2. An eyelash curler
3. Our Bondage glue liner in either black or clear
 1. First, you'll need to coat your lashes in our bondage glue liner in either clear or black.
  1. Clamp your pair of lashes inside the eyelash curler where you can see the rubber cushion. 
  1. Be quick otherwise the glue liner may dry and you won't get the desired look.
  1. Now open and clamp the curler together with your natural lashes.
  1. Hold the curler in place for a while before letting go to ensure everything is well intact.  
  1. Now release the las curler slowly making sure the lash detaches from the Now use our Gasm Cosmetics spoolie to brush out the lashes and it's literally as easy as that.  
You'll never go back to applying your lashes the traditional way! Make sure to check out the video on our Instagram page to see this hack in action. 
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