TRY THIS!! Apply false lashes in one go every time!

How to apply false lashes in one shot, every single time! Let's go through the fail proof way to apply lashes, I will explain some very helpful tips you need to know if you wear lashes often, this will be a major time saver for you. I have actually met people who dread putting lashes on, you should definitely try these little hacks if you do too!
So a lot of people actually don't know this, this is something that can really make or break your love for lashes. Lashes come in a size that is much bigger than most eye shapes. It is made to be cut down according to your eye shape. So, the way you can measure them, is really not that hard. Just place the lashes where you want them to start on the inner corner right above your natural lashes. You'll then get an idea of how much you need to cut by how much hangs over the outer corner of your eye. Make sure you only cut from the outer corner where the lashes are the longest, for a more natural effect (unless you prefer only longer lashes, that's totally up to you). 
Next you'll need to flex the lashes by holding them on both ends and moving them back and forth, so it attaches to the curve of your lid. As some lashes coe in packaging that makes them very rigid and they become very stiff sitting in the packaging for long periods of time, so it is best to do this! This will ensure that your lashes don't lift from the inner and outer corners mid event, because we all know how annoying that can get!!
Now you can take some STICKY B*TCH LASH ADHESIVE. Personally I use this glue because from all the glues I have tried, this seems to be the most durable and keeps my lashes stuck on all day long! Not to mention it is also latex free which keeps that icky feeling well away. The glue applicator has a very fine brush, so it's perfect for applying straight to the lash line or to the lash itself. 
So I'm sure you'd like your lashes to be as close to the lash line as possible, and trust me on this but it isn't that difficult to master. STICKY B*TCH has made that one step easier for you. Use the application to apply the glue as close to the lash line as possible, just like you apply your eyeliner, now this will make it very easy for you to place your lash in the correct place. 
Wait for a few seconds for the glue to become tacky before you place your lashes onto your eyelid. So a trick I learnt the hard way, is to apply your lashes to your eyes holding it at a 45 degree angle upwards from your natural lashes, this will make sure they don't look droopy, but lift your natural eye shape upwards. 
Finish off with some mascara, and press your natural lashes together in a pinching motion to make them blend together... And you're done! So if any of you try these little tips and tricks make sure to tag us in your pictures so we can repost them and show everyone our lash sensational baddies. 
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