What are 3D lashes?

You're not alone when not understanding what these trendy makeup terms mean; believe me, I've struggled too. 3D lashes were something I couldn't wrap my head around; after all, aren't all lashes 3D? So, for those of you who are new to the world of eyelashes, here's a little guide to help you grasp what 3D lashes are.

side view of eye lash profile


This side shot of our lashes in Allure. If you're looking for extreme drama and volume, then 3D lashes are the way to go for you. 3D lashes generally have three sets of layers or more. Think of it as three layers and each layer is of different curl and length. So, the difference between 3D lashes and lashes which are not 3D is quite visible. Which is generally identified from the side profile of the lash. A lash which isn't 3D will not have any visible layers but more likely the lashes will be distributed in one layer and with the same curl, which means no dimension and less drama.

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