WHAT? UK's first Invisible Magnet Lashes!!

Yesss... you heard that right, not like the magnetic lashes you see everywhere else with visible chunky magnets that weigh down your eyes and make them look droopier than ever. Which would firstly completely destroying the purpose of wearing lashes :( not to mention the amount of discomfort and irritation they would cause. Which can actually be quite dangerous on the sensitive skin of the eye area. 
We're all about confidence and comfort. This is why we designed these 3 styles of lashes, which are all different in volume and styles. For all you ladies who don't have time to wait for your glue to dry early in the morning, or simply just don't like glue... this is certainly the solution for you. Never feel like you need to get damaging extensions, when you can use magnetic lashes! And you might have seen or heard misleading things about them, but we're here to clear all of that up!
Let's clear up the rumours 🤨
1. "The magnets aren't strong enough to hold your lashes on all day"
So, our lashes firstly don't have magnets, but magnetic fibres within the lash band and the magnetic glue itself. This ensures that the whole lash has binded to your eyelid. Unlike when magnets are actually used, the gaps in between can cause them to lift and of course make you feel conscious of your lashes all the time, which is surely something we don't want.
2. "They are heavy on the eyelids"
Since our lashes don't have magnets that makes them super lightweight and comfortable. What also makes them super comfortable is that they are made of synthetic fibres which makes it feel like you don't even have them on!  
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