Which Lash Book is for you? 3SOME VS EUPHORIA!

Attention lash newbies! Searching for the perfect new set of lashes and unsure where to start? With all the variety in the lash world there is always confusion and indecisiveness picking your first lashes. That’s primarily why we created our mini lash books which come in 2 styles, 3some and Euphoria. At gasmcosmetics we keep all our lash baddies needs in mind.


Each lash book has three distinct pairs of faux mink lashes, allowing our new lash babes to experiment and make an informed decision about which lashes are best for them, whether all three or just one. Because, rather than reading about lash types and styles, it is recommended to try them on physically to gain better knowledge of the lash types and styles that you believe will suit your eye shape. Each lash for each lash book was carefully chosen for the purpose of your education and knowledge.


Each Mini Lash Book costs £19.99 and is currently on sale, so take advantage of the offer while it lasts.

euphoria lash collection



This is the Euphoria Faux Mink Lash Book, which has three various dramatic and alternative styles. GC05, a sultry but more voluminous style. GC08 is a more flared lash that provides a lot of length to the lashes. Pleasure, which is lighter and wispier for a more natural daytime look.

3some collection



This is the 3some Faux Mink Lash Book. Again, all these styles are very distinctive. GC02 is quite a dramatic! Deigned for those seeking that glam look. GC06 is the perfect in between, not too full glam and not too natural either. Raunchy is fuller and shorter in length perfect for those people who wear glasses or have smaller eyes.  We hope this will help you discover your long-lost lash! Shop these mini lash books on our website at www.gasmcosmetics.com.


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