Which Russian team are YOU??

Pick a side.. any side... So for a while now we've introduced our New Russian Lash Book Russian Royale, which comes with 16 pairs of DD-Curl Faux mink lashes, slightly different from our previous range, which comes with 20 sets of lashes. Now, I've been struggling to come to the conclusion of which lash book do most people prefer, because of the amount of they both get. So please comment under this blog or DM us on Instagram and tell us which Lash Book you love, and why! So we can continue to make more products you all love!

The latest edition to our range of lash books, RUSSIAN ROYALE has 10 pairs of 4D DD Curl Russian faux mink lashes- 5 rather natural styles and 5 full glam styles, perfect to style up or down! Super fluffy and the curl is unmatchable, even by your lash tech! Each lash is reusable for up to 25 times if proper care is taken. That means £1.69 per lash! Even if you get 10 uses that means 0.17p per use!! Your bank account will be taking a sigh of relief! The most pocket friendly set of Russian strip lashes you'll find in the UK. This lash book is the solution for you if you're tired of breaking the bank to get your lashes topped up every few weeks. This set comes beautifully placed in a baby pink colour storage case with each lash name printed, (inspired by royal princess names). Makes the perfect gift for a baddie or just to treat yourself because you definitely deserve to!


This is the most stunning Russian Lash book you'll find at such an affordable price, each pair of lashes costing you only £1.24! If that doesn’t sound too good to be true already, that 16 pairs for only £19.99!!! Ranging from the most lightweight styles to most full glam Russian Hybrid-like lashes. This lash book has them all. With each lash being reusable up to 25 times, there's no way you can go wrong. This lash book is perfect for gifting a lash lover. Gift your loved ones with Gasm Cosmetics today and welcome them to the gasm gang.

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