Why you need our under lashes!

Have you ever admired a celebrity’s eye makeup look and wondered why your eye makeup just doesn’t look the same, or have you ever felt that something is still missing after applying a full-face makeup, or that the drama and depth you wanted to achieve just isn't there? Without lashes, a look is just not complete. While everyone has heard of false eyelashes worn on the upper lash line, it's likely that not everyone has heard of lashes worn on the lower lash line!

under eye lashes

Some of us have naturally sparse and short lower lashes. If you're a newbie, start with individual under lashes, which are also available, and apply each lash individually to get the desired intensity. To be on the safe and side and achieve that extra snatched look, I recommend applying under lashes using our bondage eyelash glue liner in clear. Most women, like me, are only concerned about slaying our upper lashes; however, adding lashes on the bottom lash line for dramatic eye looks can actually enhance your natural eye shape and balance out the intensity of your look. Also, if you want to start out with less lashes, you may always choose to cut them, just like with upper lashes, and pick and choose where you want that extra fullness!



Our faux mink under eye false lashes in GC11 are perfect for adding that extra vavoom to your look! This delicate design adds length and subtle volume to your natural under lashes and is ideal for pairing with any upper falsies from our collection. These lashes give a gentle, enhanced appearance to your eyes and are ideal for any occasion and are the perfect finishing touch to any glam look. All eyes will be on you!


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