Why you need to get your hands on this!

Made your way to The GASM World 😈, but unsure what to treat yourself or a loved one to, maybe you just want to get that feeling of receiving a mysterious personalised gift! 😛 Our small mystery box will leave you feeling GASM'ed up, with the latest trending beauty products. Worth over £30.00, featuring top essentials like Our Big Daddy Brow Pots, a Faux Mink eyelash from Our huge range of lashes, and Our 2 in 1 handy dandy Bondage liners.
The GASM Team, will put together for you a custom box. You will receive a minimum of 3 items, all personalised to you, whether you're looking for something outside your comfort zone or something to add to our daily makeup routine!
If you're one of those babes who always supports us and shows love on our posts and engage with our posts, we love dropping a few freebies in these boxes too!
Make sure to tag us @GasmCosmetics and use the hashtag #gasmcosmetics. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and join up for our email to stay up to date on the newest Gasm Goodies, launches, and news from the Gasm team.
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